We are a theory group interested in how to create, control and exploit quantum coherence in the many-body setting. The big questions we address include interplay of topology, interactions and disorder, and control by driving, feedback and dissipation. We aim at advancing quantum technology and the understanding of non-equilibrium phases of matter.

A central theme of our research is quantum coherence in atomic, mesoscopic, and optical systems and, in particular, how to exploit it for fundamental table-top science and future quantum technologies. This puts our work at the interface of theoretical quantum optics, atomic and laser physics, condensed matter theory, and quantum information science. In particular, we have worked on strong correlations, quantum-enabled technology, and control of ultracold atomic gases, superconducting circuits, and cavity optomechanical systems.

Cavity optomechanics is a rapidly-growing field in which mechanical degrees of freedom are coupled to modes of the electromagnetic field inside optical or microwave resonators. Adapting laser-cooling techniques from atomic physics several experiments have recently observed mechanical motion close to the quantum ground-state. This paves the way to exploit these systems for the engineering of phonon and photons at the nanoscale - with exciting applications for quantum science and technology.


Novel Ideas For Quantum Technology

  • Control of quantum hybrid systems
    optomechanics, optomagnonics, reservoir engineering & topology
  • Nonlinear topological photonics
    topological lasing & synchronization

Non-equilibrium Phases Of Matter

  • Feedback control of phase transitions and non-reciprocal phase transitions
    with cold atoms coupled to resonators
  • Discrete time crystals beyond the many-body localization paradigm
    with long-range interactions, higher-order and prethermal time crystals